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Delizia Butterscotch Sauce

A delicious, addictive home-made butterscotch sauce which can be used as a spread, dip, or even eaten on its own.

Frozen Foods & Kuih-Muih

Perfect for those lazy days at home with the family, tea time, or as quick snacks to-go.


Karipap Pusing

Frozen Karipap Pusing are very convenient and satisfying.  You may choose either sardine or potato filling. (Each pack contains 6 pieces)


Cheese Tarts

Scrumptious little cheese tarts are suitable for parties, entertaining guests, or just for your own delight.
(Each box contains 20 pieces) 


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Home-baked and endearing, these chocolate chip cookies pair perfectly with Teh O' Panas (Each jar contains 50 pieces).


Assorted Kuih-Muih

Traditional Kuih-Muih are an all-time favourite.  Assortment includes Kuih Talam, Kuih Bakar, Sugar Donuts, Kuih Koci, and Cucur Badak.