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A brief overview of our service offerings.

Special Event Catering Service

Deli Rich Catering specializes in weddings, "Doa Selamat", "Akikah", birthday parties, and training courses.  We are also open to cater to any specific request or event you may have in mind.  Talk to us for a free quotation.

Customisable Menu Items

Each food item on your dream menu can be hand-picked to suit your preferences.  We welcome special diet requests and are ready to serve you whole-heartedly.

Freshest Ingredients, Highest Food Quality

Rest assured that we use only the freshest ingredients for your event, and conduct regular quality checks to ensure food quantity is well replenished throughout the event day(s).


Affordable & Adjustable Pricing

We are able to accommodate to your budget whilst ensuring that you get your every Ringgit's worth.  We also offer affordable packages for your ease of mind, with a minimum order of 1,000 pax.

Reliable & Timely Service, Always

We are well equipped to deliver food on time, and always make it a point to do so.  Our staff are also very helpful and pro-active in attending to your catering needs.

Deli Rich Catering employs experienced staff to deliver reliable, timely, and friendly service

Mangkuk Tingkat Delivery Service

A food delivery service with a unique twist - use your own tiffin carriers or purchase a set from us and select from our delicious menu choices to enjoy a packed lunch reminiscent of the olden "Kampung" lifestyle. Perfect for soccer moms who have limited time to prepare home-cooked meals, for the home-sick students, or for the working person on-the-go. All our meals are guaranteed Halal and fresh.

Serves 3 - 12 Pax

One Mangkuk Tingkat Set serves 1 - 3 pax, 4 - 6 pax, or 10-12 pax; prices are fixed per pax size, and includes 2 types of "Lauk", rice, and 1-2 type(s) of traditional "Kuih-muih".

Light on the Wallet

This is a great way to save money - by purchasing meal sets collectively, each person spends less on a daily and/or weekly basis,  throughout all 7 days of the week.  Our portion sizes are guaranteed to make you full.


Convenient and Time-Saving

The Mangkuk Tingkat Menus allow you to save cooking prep time and are a convenient way to enjoy hearty home-cooked meals on the-go.  Delivery is also guaranteed to be on time.

Environmentally Friendly

Tiffin carriers can be conveniently washed and re-used. Use your own or purchase one from us upon ordering (one-time purhcase). Select either plastic or metal, as you prefer. Prices range from RM35 (Size A - Small), RM50 (Size B - Medium) to RM150 (Size C - Large).